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Ph.D., Educational and Medical Anthropology, Stanford University, 1981

A.M., Education, Stanford University, 1979

A.M., Anthropology, Stanford University, 1977

B.A., Summa cum Laude in Anthropology, University of Connecticut, 1976                     

B.A., Summa cum Laude in History, University of Connecticut, 1976


HOME PAGE         http://www.davidfetterman.com and http://eevaluation.blogspot.com


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Outstanding Higher Education Professional, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut, 2008

Lazarsfield Award for Contributions to Evaluation Theory, American Evaluation Association, 2000

Myrdal Award for Cumulative Contributions to Evaluation Practice, American Evaluation Association, 1995

George and Louise Spindler Award, American Anthropological Association and the Council on Anthropology and Education, 1990 (educational anthropology)

Mensa Education and Research Foundation Award for Excellence, 1990.



POSITIONS (abbrev)                         


1982-present       President & CEO, Fetterman & Associates, international evaluation consulting firm

2007-present       Professor of Education (adjunct), University of Arkansas, Pine Bluff; Co-Director, Arkansas Evaluation Center, UAPB at Pine Bluff

2004-2009             Director of Evaluation, Division of Evaluation, Office of Medical Education, School of Medicine, Stanford University

2003-2004            Director of Evaluation, Career Development, & Alumni Relations, Stanford University

1993-2003            Director, MA Policy Analysis and Evaluation Program, Stanford University; Consulting Professor of Education, Stanford University

1993-1997             Professor and Research Director, California Institute of Integral Studies (concurrent)

1991-1993            Principal Research Scientist, American Institutes for Research

1982-1991            Senior Administrator, Internal Audit (Report to the Board of Trustees), Stanford University

1978-1982            Senior Associate and Project Director, RMC Research Corporation




PROJECTS (abbrev)                                                                


2011                 Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Tsholofelo Community (squatter settlement), South Africa

2010                  Principal Investigator and Evaluation Consultant, Principal Selection Study, Corte Madera, Portola Valley School District, CA

2009-2011         Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Corte Madera, Portola Valley School District, CA


2009-2010        Principal Investigator and Empowerment Evaluator, Family and Children Services, Palo Alto, CA


2009-2010         Evaluation Consultant, Ministry of Health and Jimma University, Ethiopia


2009-2010        Principal Investigator and Evaluator, BUILD, Palo Alto (entrepreneurial after-school program)


2008-2010        Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Case Method, Columbia School of Journalism, Knight Foundation


2007-2008         Evaluation Consultant, Los Angeles County, Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Prevention Initiative and HST, Casey Family Programs

2007-2008         Principal Investigator, Evaluation Consultant, and Learning Expert, Digital Media Center, Knight Foundation

2006-2007         Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Knight New Media Center, Knight Foundation

2006                   Evaluation Consultant, Te Puni Kokiri, Ministry of Maori Development, New Zealand

2005-present    Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Tobacco Prevention, Minority Initiative Sub-Recipient Grant Office, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

2004-2009         Director of Evaluation, Medical Education, Stanford University School of Medicine (pre-clinical, clinical, scholarly concentration, PGY-1, residency, fellowship programs, accreditation)

2004                   Evaluation Consultant, National Institute of Multimedia Education, Tokyo, Japan

2003                   Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Hewlett-Packard Philanthropy and Education, $15 Million Digital Villages

2003                  Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Knight Foundation, Western Knight Center for Specialized Journalism

2001-2002         Evaluation Consultant, One East Palo Alto.  City Revitalization Project.  Hewlett Foundation. Menlo Park, CA.    

2002                  Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Mosaic’s Project, California State University, Sacramento, California Arts Council Funded

2002                  Principal Investigator and Evaluator, Arkansas Department of Education, Little Rock, Arkansas

2000-2001         Principal Investigator and Evaluator, National Indian Child Welfare Association. Intertribal Council of Michigan. Hannahville Indian Community, Wilson, MI.

1993                   Evaluation Consultant, Center for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa    

1993                   Evaluation Consultant, Independent Development Trust, Cape Town, South Africa

1981-1982          Project Director and Evaluator, of California Arts Council Evaluation study





President, 1992-94, American Evaluation Association

President, 1990-92, Council on Anthropology and Education, American Anthropological Association

Co-chair, 1995-present, Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation (American Evaluation Association)

Fellow, American Anthropological Association and Society for Applied Anthropology




2012                 Empowerment Evaluation eStudy Webinar, American Evaluation Association

2011                 Empowerment Evaluation Webinar, UNICEF

2010                 Blogging for Evaluation Webinar, American Evaluation Association

2007-2010        Empowerment Evaluation, Technology, Claremont Graduate University

1982-2003        Evaluation, Research Methods, Technology, School of Education, Stanford University




California Teaching Credential, Social Science, Grades - Preschool, 1-12, and adult classes

Connecticut Teaching Credential, History and Social Studies, Grades 7-12

California Community College Instructor Credential, Subject Matter Area:  Anthropology




Stanford Social Innovations Review, Corporate Philanthropy Tackles Digital Divide (http://www.ssireview.org/blog/entry/corporate_philanthropy_tackles_the_digital_divide)

Stanford Social Innovations Review, Surviving the Fiscal Cliff (http://www.ssireview.org/blog/entry/surviving_the_fiscal_cliff)

Tobacco Prevention (http://tobaccoprevention.blogspot.com)

Empowerment Evaluation (http://eevaluation.blogspot.com)

Arkansas Evaluation Center (http://arkansasevaluationcenter.blogspot.com)

Empowerment Evaluation, AEA (http://aea365.org/blog)

Participation and Collaboration, AEA (http://aea365.org/blog)






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ENCYLOPEDIA (selected): The International Encyclopedia of Education, Encyclopedia of Human Intelligence, and The Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods


PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION PRESENTATIONS (selected):  American Evaluation Association, American Educational Research Association, American Anthropological Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, and AAMC Western Group on Educational Affairs.